Celebrate at Youseum!

Are you thinking about hosting an event at Youseum? Youseum is an exciting and inclusive events space, where all events are designed with you in mind. Let’s be honest: doesn’t having the whole Youseum to yourself sound like a dream? Read here the testimonials of past events and get inspired!

At Youseum, we offer various events:

Staff drinks
Want to take your staff out for drinks in a unique setting that will spark everyone’s inspiration? Youseum is the perfect place to let all your worries go and to start living in the moment. At Youseum it’s all about having fun. Gather your staff around to celebrate happy hour at one of the most unique spots of The Netherlands .

Staff party
Interested in hosting a staff party at one of Netherlands most magical places? Say no more. Dance like your favorite celebrity in the lights of YOU or dance the night away at our Infinity room, where you can surround yourself by stars and moons. At Youseum, anything is possible! No matter if it is your end of the year party or you just simply want to give back to your employees: Youseum is the place to be!

PR event
Want to give your brand the ultimate boost? Hosting a PR event at Youseum will definitely give you brand that wow-factor! Whether you want to keep it small with just a few guests or want to turn it into a big party, a PR event at Youseum will always be mesmerizing and impressive.

And more!

Do you have a completely different (event) idea, or are looking for something different? Or do you simply have questions or even want to organize an event? Please send a mail to, and we will come back to you as soon as possible!