Youseum’s Top 5 Halloween Activities

October, 22nd 2021


Spooky season has officially begun and we are excited! Halloween is the night of the year where all the ghosts, witches and vampires come to life. Enough reason for a spooky activity! Don’t have any plans yet, but are you looking for something fun? We have listed the five best Halloween activities for you!


1. Have a scary movie marathon

Nothing screams Halloween more than a horror night filled with ghosts and gory movies. Gather all your friends, grab your favorite snacks and binge your favorite Halloween movies all night long! Are you a fan of the classics, like Mike Myers in Halloween? Or is that all a bit too scary for you and would you rather take it easy with the witches of Salem in Hocus Pocus? There are plenty of Halloween movies to suit your taste, so with a horror movie marathon you and your friends are guaranteed to be sweet all night!



2. Visit a haunted house

Are horror movies not scary enough for you? Does it give you more of a kick to seek out the tension yourself? Then put on your naughty shoes and visit a haunted house. Amsterdam Dungeon is a horror house for the real fanatics. Please note; this haunted house can only be entered from the age of 18. From the age of 16, the Walibi amusement park organizes the Walibi Fright Nights. The amusement park will be completely transformed into a true ghost amusement park and is therefore completely dominated by Halloween. Even the toughest horror fanatics let out a cry of fear here!



3. Youseum’s Kids Halloween party

For the little ones among us, we offer a nice alternative: on October 30, Youseum will be all about Halloween from 10:00 to 13:00. In their scariest Halloween outfit, children can search for the tastiest candy in our experience. Do you want to surprise your sister, nephew or girl next door with a fun Halloween activity? Tickets are limited now, so be quick!



4. Host a costume party

You can never go wrong with a classic Halloween party. And honestly, what’s a Halloween party without a dress code? Will you be going as a witch this year, or will you scare everyone as a bloody zombie? Invite all your friends, get the most spooky decorations and snacks and dance the night away with the best spooky hits. Your party is guaranteed to be a success!