Youseum’s Christmas Gift Guide for YOU

November, 24th 2020

Christmas gift guide

Feeling lost when it comes to Christmas gifts? Don’t worry. Team YOU knows how to make people happy, which is why we have collected the best gift ideas for everyone. You’re welcome!

1. Parents

We love being creative, and we know that parents love personalised gifts the most. No matter how old you are: go to the nearest Action or Hema and buy an empty photo album or calendar and a lot of stickers to decorate. The goal is to create a personalised calendar or photo album that brings back memories. Tears from mum are guaranteed! 😉

Christmas gifts ideas

2. Boyfriend/Girlfriend 

How about a personalised star map? We are in love with this idea! Do you remember the night/day you met your soulmate? Why not frame the night you met and point it out in beautiful stars. Not only does it look pretty cool on a wall, but it is also personalised and well thought. ❤️

Create your own star map here.

Christmas gifts ideas

3. Siblings 

Does your brother or sister own AirPods? Good chance that they spend more time looking for them than using them. Make their life easier and fancier with a nice AirPod case! They come in all shapes and colours too. Here’s some of our favorites

Christmas gifts ideas

4. Grandparents

Have you already checked out the Van Gogh museum shop? From mugs to paintings to plates and more can be found here, in the beautiful style of our favourite artist – Van Gogh! We are sure you can find something lovely for your grandparents here! 

Christmas gifts ideas

5. For everyone who loves food

Create a themed box full of his or her favourite snacks, sweets and drinks. Make sure that the package is an eye catcher and select the content wisely. Maybe you want to keep it all in one colour? Or throwback to a certain time? This is also the perfect gift for someone who is lazy when it comes to cooking: create and present the ingredients for his or her favourite dish in a nice way!

Christmas gifts ideas

6. Your friends

A trip to Youseum!

Seriously, giving away experiences is the best way to show your affection. With a ticket to Youseum you are giving someone not only your time, but also a unique adventure that will trigger your creativity. This way, you get to spend some quality time with your friends and up your Insta game! 😍

Christmas gifts ideas

Hey YOU! You do NOT need a COVID-19 test/vaccine pass to enter our locations (as we are following the Dutch regulations for museums. We can’t wait to welcome you and have a fun day at Youseum!