Youseum: Our Commitment to the BLM Movement

June, 9th 2020

youseum black lives matter

Over the past ten days seeds of momentous change have been planted around the world. As we’ve previously stated, Youseum stands with the protestors, activists, artists, and everyday people fighting for an end to systemic racism, state-sponsored police violence, and economic exploitation around the world. We believe that every person has the right to a life free from persecution and violence, and that many Black people and other people of colour around the world have been historically shut out from such a life for hundreds of years. We also believe that change is long overdue.

That’s why we at Youseum commit our continued efforts in conveying this message to our community of creators and dreamers. We will use our voice creatively and for good alongside the anti-racism efforts of the Black Lives Matter movement.

At Youseum we,

  1.  … commit to using our platform to lift up, highlight, and share the work and voices of Black artists and business-owners. So much of the culture, music, artwork, design, and fashion that we and millions of others enjoy originates from Black creators. This fact must not be erased, and we commit to acknowledging and celebrating this across our channels.
  2.  … acknowledge that this is not just an American problem. The history of racism begins in Europe, and discrimination and disenfranchisement are alive and well in the Netherlands. That’s why we have curated this page on our website with links to petitions, activist groups and organisations, funds, and information relating to public demonstrations in the Netherlands, as well as internationally. We will continue to update and manage this page as the BLM movement continues to unfold.
  3.  … acknowledge that the work of anti-racism education is urgent and ongoing, and that there are many valuable existing books, films, documentaries, and series available that can aid in this effort. We will make it our continued mission to share and promote these across our channels.


Youseum was founded on the idea that each person possesses extraordinary potential for creativity, and that the products of this creativity should be shared with the world. We have and will always continue to welcome all who create through our doors. In committing ourselves and our resources to the fight against systemic racism and violence, we hope to lend this message in the fight for justice.

We stand with you in solidarity.


Team Youseum

Amy Molin, Angela Chaloska, Ahana Majumdar, Britt Hoetmer, Ceo Hunsel-Spigt, Cerys Wassell, Dannery Gil, Dariya Bakibayeva, Derek Mitchell, Dina Mohammed, Ekin Cayci, Flip Zuijderland, Inge Van der Veen, Julia Gonzalo Tarragó, Julia Evenlyn de Vries, K.L.K, Joep Heusschen, Koen Derks, Lia Matilde Carta, Louisa van Zuilichem, Marialisa van de Poll, Marion Pacini, Marta Bosnjak, Mikky Dijkstra, Mila Milosevski, Milou de Wilde, Nana Meis Kruger, Phi Dan (Danny) Cao, Nina Tihy, Rita Dias Bolieiro, Samantha Eberhardt, Sara Alessandrini, Sarah Van Solinge, Stela Veta, Tatum Hunsel-Spigt, Trijntje Tjoelker