Youseum Spotlight: What is a Hero?

May, 28th 2020

cose da fare Amsterdam

At Youseum, we call our tour guides Heroes. They’re the ones who ensure that every customer experience is special, and it’s their job to guarantee that you’ll make the coolest and most colourful video and photo content possible during your visit. And these days, it’s also our Heroes’ job to ensure that Youseum is one of the coolest corona-safe things to do in Amsterdam.

This week our Heroes are busy at work cleaning and polishing every corner of Youseum in advance of our big reopening on the 1st of June.

corona things to do in Amsterdam

Things have changed a bit: our Heroes won’t be guiding tours for a while. Their first priority is the safety of everyone enjoying a day out at Youseum. But will that stop their creativity, spontaneity, and knack for facilitating an awesome day out?

“Not a chance,” says Julia, Youseum hero and TikTokker extraordinaire (check out Youseum’s channel and some of her sick content here). “We’re gonna keep Youseum Corona safe. And we’re still the coolest thing to do in Amsterdam.”

corona things to do in Amsterdam

Youseum’s heroes work on the floor everyday with all our guests, ensuring that Youseum’s spark, spontaneity, explosion of colour, and nonstop fun is impossible to miss.

Visit Youseum next week, and air-five a Hero while you’re in 😉