Youseum comes to the Middle East!

November, 15th 2022

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Yes, you read it right! Youseum comes to the MOTN festival in Abu Dhabi!


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This December, the #1 social media experience of Europe comes to the United Arab Emirates! Youseum treats YOU with an unforgettable and 5-star shareable experience, while providing the opportunity to reflect on the world around you. We celebrate social media, for its power to spark creativity and connect families and loved ones. Youseum places its visitors central: you are the artwork and the artist. We facilitate you with photogenic sites tocreate your own unique content, that is perfectly sharabele with your friends. To entertain, to inspire, and to reflect. That is our idea of hospitality. Meanwhile, Youseum challenges you to contemplate on your online presence and on various social-cultural issues, such as climate change. With experiences in Amsterdam, Germany and Sweden, now the time has come to explore the Middle-East. Youseum at the MOTN festival in Abu Dhabi marks the debut of our concept in the area, and will be the first-ever Youseum experience out of Europe!

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Youseum comes to Abu Dhabi to celebrate the power of social media to facilitate international connections of friendship and affection. For the occasion of the MOTN festival, we designed a completely new storyline that includes the very best parts of the various Youseum experiences worldwide. The Youseum pop-up in Abu Dhabi invites you to take a break from your everyday life and become the best version of yourself for a glamorous, interactive tour. During your visit, you will come across some of Youseum’s
signature experiences, such as the photogenic ball pit, the Bank of You where you can drown in money, and the Youseum mirror experience that combines joy and introspection. You will leave Youseum Abu Dhabi with a snack, a souvenir, and, most importantly, a ton of beautiful and shareable experiences! When you look back on your visit with us, you should feel treated and challenged, cheerful and motivated. That is what Youseum stands for.


Youseum is very proud to be part of the international MOTN festival. We strive to be a dynamic international experience, and what’s a better place to fulfill this ambition than the Middle-East, where the future is built!