Spotlight: Youseum Brings TikTok to Amsterdam

January, 28th 2020

TikTok Amsterdam

Strong TikTok game is becoming an Amsterdam must… for locals, visitors, and organisations alike. But cracking the code to instant social media success on Amsterdam TikTok (and beyond) has had many a PR team and social media manager scratching their heads.

At Youseum we’ve brought our hero (what we call our tour guides) Julia on board as our resident TikTokker. Julia has a big following of her own on the platform, and knows the ins and outs of viral uploading and sharing better than most.

TikTok Amsterdam

In the week since we started our Amsterdam TikTok initiative at Youseum we’ve made some exciting progress, and Julia has brought fantastic creative ideas, energy, and leadership to the table. And this is only the beginning. The social media team at Youseum is thrilled to have her on the team as a collaborator.

Today we caught up with Julia to glean her thoughts on everything TikTok, Amsterdam, and Youseum.

TikTok Amsterdam

When did you discover TikTok?

At first I started seeing a lot of TikTok videos on Instagram, and this definitely sparked my interest. I thought they were funny and quirky, which is still my favourite part of what the platform has to offer.

So I downloaded the app at first just to watch the videos. But then a friend suggested I make some of my own and before long I was super active as both a creator and consumer. But I guess that’s how these things often go.

What’s the best part about the medium, compared to Instagram for example?

The diversity of the types of content available, for sure. There are so many different kinds of videos, and different types of creators as a result. The emphasis on dancing and acting reminded me of Vine, R.I.P. It’s all about impact by entertaining, making people laugh, or brightening their days somehow. Which I think is really cool, and really necessary these days.

TikTok Amsterdam

What’s the most annoying thing about TikTok in Amsterdam?

People have a tendency to over-share on TikTok in Amsterdam, and everywhere really, which is definitely a double-edged sword.

On the one hand when people talk about personal issues and experiences they can shed light on a topic that’s been underrepresented. And in that way it’s possible to finally feel heard or seen on the platform. But, sometimes it’s way, way too much information that’s super awkward, and probably better left offline.

In terms of the technical side of things, which is also something we’ve talked about in our work together at Youseum, the TikTok algorithm makes it very difficult to anticipate when and how your content will appear on the ‘for you’ page.

You might only get 200 views on a really brilliant video, while something really sloppy and silly could go absolutely viral.

TikTok Amsterdam

What’s the most misunderstood thing about it?

The most misunderstood feature of TikTok is also what makes it a secret weapon. Lots of people assume that the platform is only intended for and used by young kids. That it’s essentially very childish. I think people definitely think this about TikTok in Amsterdam, which is silly.

Because it couldn’t be further from the truth. There are all kinds of TikTok users from all kinds of backgrounds, and with a huge spectrum of interests. This is why now’s the time for Youseum to make its impression, and why we’re all super excited for the future together 🔵