Why TikTok in Amsterdam Matters to Youseum

January, 8th 2020

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At Youseum we’re all about fun, laughter, and discovery. We like to forge connections with new collaborators that can quickly become friends. We like forming families online and off, and that’s why we stimulate creators from all backgrounds and walks of life. That’s also why we think TikTok in Amsterdam needs a home.

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TikTok was formed in 2012 and has quickly become a hub for video sharing by artists, individuals, creatives, and fans young and old, all over the world. On the social network it’s possible to skyrocket to fame after publishing just a single video. And it all comes down to originality, personality, and your ability to laugh along with the joke.

tiktokker tiktok amsterdam

At Youseum, we’re quickly realising that some of our favourite TikTokkers share the same ethos as we do, and we’re seeing this reflected in the fans and creators that have passed through our doors already. And this is just the beginning.

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For those not in the know, TikTok presents a stream of user-generated videos, images, and memes that are watched and liked by millions. Content ranges from comedy to lip syncs to cosplay to lifestyle videos, and TikTokkers are quickly becoming a powerful group of creators within the social media realm. This counts for TikTok in Amsterdam, and around the world.

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We welcome exciting TikTokkers through our doors at Youseum all the time. And we’ve also welcomed tons of fans who’ve incorporated glimpses of our interactive museum into their content. Most days we share and debate our favourites over lunch. Sometimes it even gets heated 😉

tiktok amsterdam influencer youseum

More importantly, we’re working on some exciting projects with collaborators who care as much as we do about giving back, and creating community space for the creators, the dreamers, and the misfits. That’s our vision for TikTok in Amsterdam, but the only thing we’re missing is you.

tiktok amsterdam making a video

So watch this space: it’s gonna be big.