What Will You Make of Amsterdam in 2020?

January, 9th 2020

Amsterdam 2020 man on bridge in Amsterdam

A recent article in the Dutch newspaper Het Parool has got us thinking about the future of Amsterdam in 2020 and beyond. We got to thinking about what the prediction of continuous change and growth might mean for our community of digital creators.


Amsterdam 2020 cool lights

One thing is certain: the growth of industry and tech in Amsterdam and Europe is having a huge impact on the development of technology. This innovation will, in turn, make creators and consumers of digital culture some of the most impactful cultural figures in Amsterdam in 2020 and beyond.

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Because let’s face it: digital nomads, expatriates, and a young generation of digital cultural creators and consumers understand what it means to live and work remotely. From anywhere and everywhere. Because when the world is your oyster you’re not tied down to any one particular place, right?

Amsterdam 2020 girl VR glasses

Well, maybe. But at Youseum we have a slightly different vision for Amsterdam in 2020. A commitment to creation and innovation lies at the core of our mission at Youseum… but the ability to bring people together in one place and time lies there, too. We believe in simultaneous community online and offline. And we believe that a commitment to organising around togetherness, spontaneity, fun, and discovery, can help combat the sometimes alienating effects of constant innovation in the digital age.

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This is why Amsterdam is the perfect city for Youseum to call home, because it’s a crossroads between a long-time commitment to community and togetherness, and forward thinking innovation with the potential to improve life in 2020 and beyond.

Future Prediction

Don’t get us wrong: these times can be scary. And the thought of losing elements of our past and our story, whether in Amsterdam or wherever else we once called home, can make an uncertain future worrying.

Amsterdam Amstel sky

That’s why at Youseum, we concentrate on rallying community around a simple message: make your future a creative endeavour. Draw from your past. Ask the big questions. And participate in the now.