7 Things To Do the Day After Christmas

December, 20th 2019

Christmas in amsterdam like a local

For many, the day after Christmas is a full-blown holiday of its own. Here it’s called Tweede Kerstdag (the second day of Christmas). To others it’s Boxing Day (we’re looking at you, Commonwealth). But no matter where you’re from, the 26th is a perfect day to chill like a local with friends and loved ones, take it easy, and have a little bit of unexpected fun. Here are our recommendations!

1. Chinese food

Amsterdam Chinese restaurants are legendary (we covered the floating palace here)! So what tastier way to enjoy a famously laid-back day in the city? We suggest dim sum like a local at Oriental City on the Oudezijds Voorburgwal!


Chinese like a local amsterdam

Photo by @orientalcityamsterdam

2. Go furniture shopping (kinda)

Statistically more Dutch people buy furniture on the day after Christmas than any other day of the year. This is such common knowledge it’s become a bit of a national joke. But instead of actually buying furniture, why not just go to any woonboulevard (IKEA, for example) and lie on the beds, play in the kitchens, and pretend with your friends that you’re the people who actually live in the model rooms 😁

IKEA amsterdam play christmas

Photo by @ikeausa

3. Catch a movie at the Rialto

Nursing a bit of a hangover? Grab some snacks and soft-drinks (or, more booze) and hit up a blockbuster or indie flick like a local at the Rialto Cinema, one of our favourites in the city.


Rialto theatre amsterdam

Photo by @rialto_film

4. Rent a Felyx scooter

If the weather cooperates (lol), why not truly take in our gorgeous city? Most Dutch locals will be outside of the city visiting family… so hop on a Felyx and it’ll just be you, some rogue tourists, a handful of expats, and the open canals 🛵


things to do in Amsterdam today

Photo by @jdjuk

5. Concert in Het Concertgebouw

Each year the world-famous Concertgebouw in Amsterdam hosts a Christmas concert that’s truly worth the trip. The music is non-stop Christmas magic 🌟


Concertgebouw amsterdam christmas

Photo by @concertgebouw

6. Ice Skating

Feeling particularly sporty? Wanna get some fitness-time in before the big day-after-Christmas borrel? Go rent a pair of skates (or bring your own like a local) at the Jaap Eden ice rink in Oost, one of our favourite winter spots.


jaap eden ice skating schaatsen like a local

Photo by @cindy_van_kerkhof

7. Christmas at Youseum

We’re gonna do a little plugging here, but not without reason: Youseum will be open on the 26th, and will be a total blast for families, couples, travelers, and everyone in between. Whether killing time, filling time, working off a hangover, or getting ready for another night of merriment, Youseum is the perfect place to laugh, discover, take sick pics, and have a total blast.


Youseum christmas instagram museum