Travel through Amsterdam with Momondo

September, 7th 2021

Amsterdam city

All good things come to an end and unfortunately, so does this summer. Already in need of a break? You only live once, so why not pack your bags and travel to your dream destination?! We recommend visiting Amsterdam; the dreamy canals, the architecture full of history and the friendly Dutch culture. Be it summer or winter, Amsterdam is definitely a city to tick off your must-see travel spots! But where to start when planning a trip to this wonderful city? Don’t you worry, travel to Amsterdam with Momondo – it is REALLY that easy!

Travel with Momondo to Amsterdam

Getting to Amsterdam

First things first, a good overview of your travelling options is necessary! Momondo is the ideal travel buddy, when it comes to booking a flight and getting an overview of all travel costs, such as the tickets and place to stay. Momondo will help you plan a trip that stays within your budget, without losing the full Amsterdam experience.

Amsterdam trip

How to get around Amsterdam

Amsterdam is an amazing place to get around. You can choose from different types of transport. People mostly bike around, so renting a bike for the weekend is probably the best option. Apart from public transport like a tram or bus, make sure you try out a boat trip around the canals. Not only is it romantic, but you also see Amsterdam from a different perspective. And if you seek to explore not only Amsterdam but the entire Dutch culture, Momondo is your best friend because they also offer car rentals.

Biking in Amsterdam

Where to eat

Food wise, Amsterdam offers pretty much every type of food. We recommend going to Hannekes Boom. This place has a huge beer garden, a rooftop bar and terrace, and to top it all off, you can even listen to live music performances whilst enjoying an extensive range of food and drinks. Another restaurant we recommend is Cannibale Royale. This place has the best juicy steaks, ribs and burgers for all the meat lovers out there.

Hannekes Boom


Seeking some activity inspiration? Momondo offers a range of activities per city on their website. This includes every type of activity, from visiting museums to going on a tour through the canals to a city walk along various hotspots. And if we may recommend a fun activity, then visit Youseum and bring home the most beautiful memories of your trip to Amsterdam!