Top 11 Take-Out Tips During These Days Inside

March, 20th 2020

Top 11 Take-Out Tips During These Days Inside

Through the early days and start-up vibes of building our Instagram museum in Amsterdam, we at Youseum have tried tons of the wonderful take-away options available to us in this city. Now, with everyone staying inside, we wanted to throw these recommendations into the mix to spice up your afternoon, evening, or group chat with the fam back home 💙

1. Poké Perfect

This is our personal favourite poké bowl on offer in the city (though there are many options)… if only there were a blue ingredient to match our favourite colour 🔵


instagram museum amsterdam

© Poké Perfect Amsterdam

2. Vegan Junk Food Bar

Time for a guilty pleasure but wanna avoid the environmental effects of meat and dairy consumption? This hot spot is currently delivering and has always been a favourite of many visitors to our Instagram museum in Amsterdam.

burgers taekaway amsterdam

© Vegan Junk Food Bar Amsterdam

3. Burgers & Shakes

Want a juicy burger? Again… there’s no shortage of Amsterdam options here. But our personal fave is just a stone’s throw away from us in Oost. And it’s oh-so-good.§

burgers to order from instagram museum amsterdam

© Burgers & Shakes

4. Mr Sushi Express

This is another local go-to with tons of competition… but their prices and their rolls truly cannot be beat.


amsterdam take out

© Mr. Sushi Express

5. Tjin’s Exotische Broodjes

Want some classic Surinamese for lunch? Then Tjin’s is a must.

Takeout instagram museum Amsterdam

© Tjin’s Exotische Broodjes

6. Full Moon Garden

If you ask us, this is the best take-out dim-sum available in the city. During many a late-night meeting at our Instagram museum in Amsterdam, a Full Moon spread has graced our desks 😊

takeout amsterdam

© Full Moon Garden

7. Eetcafe Ibis

If you’ve not tried Ethiopian cuisine yet… get involved! And Ibis is the perfect place to supply your first bite.

Takeout instagram museum Amsterdam

© Ibis Eetcafe

8. The Avocado Show

This brunch-ey hotspot is quickly becoming an Amsterdam classic… and what’s more Instagrammable than an avocado bowl on the couch?

Avocado bowl instagram museum amsterdam

© Avocado Show

9. Lo Sbrano

As far as pizza and antipasti games are concerned, Sbrano has already won. At our Instagram museum in Amsterdam this is always the slice we reach for first.


takeaway Amsterdam

© Lo Sbrano

10. Thaicoon

This is the best Thai in the city—there, we said it. What are you waiting for?


take away instagram museum amsterdam

© Thaicoon

11. Señor Mostachio

Great Mexican food can be hard to come by in Amsterdam, but, like all the others on this list of our faves, Mostachio’s always got you covered.


takeaway instagram museum amsterdam

© Señor Mostachio

Stay healthy, stay safe, and most importantly, stay connected to the ones that you love 💙