TikTok To-Do List in Amsterdam

January, 23rd 2020

Phone Amsterdam photography canals

At Youseum we love TikTok because it captures everything we love most: spontaneity, creativity, and humour. Youseum’s Heroes (what we call our tour guides) have even launched their own TikTok for videos of their behind-the-scenes experiences working at an Instagram museum. But we also like to think big at Youseum, so we’ve put together a TikTok to-do list of Amsterdam locations perfect for your next viral video shoot.

1. 7 bridges

There’s huge potential to completely reinvent the bits of Amsterdam that have been photographed millions of times with a single video that changes the way we see famous landmarks. What about a lip sync through these seven consecutive bridges on the canals?

7 bridges Tik-Tok to do list Amsterdam

Photo by: IAmsterdam

2. Vondelpark

The Vondelpark is full of weird little nooks and crannies and unexpected sculptures and installations. This massive park in the middle of the city should be an absolute priority on your TikTok to-do list of Amsterdam

Vondelpark Amsterdam TikTok to-do list

3. Corner of Prinsen and Brouwer

This is one of the most photographed intersections in Amsterdam, which we think is… kinda boring 😴 What about a video of Amsterdam landmarks in the palms of our hands, instead?

Prinsenracht TikTok to do list Amsterdam

4. Open Havenfront

Ever walk out of a metro station at sea-level? The potential is endless for content at this exit from the metro near Central Station. A definite must on your TikTok to-do list in Amsterdam!

Open havenfront Amsterdam

5. Museumplein

Wide open spaces? Check. Weird art? Check. Cool backdrops? Check. You’d be hard-pressed not to find video pros and novices out here recording on any given day.

Museumplein Amsterdam TikTok to do list Amsterdam

6. Artis

What’s funnier than people in silly videos? That’s easy: animals in silly videos. This should be near the top of your TikTok to-do list for Amsterdam.

Artis Amsterdam

7. Magere brug

Sometimes the coolest stunt is the result of a simple trick of the camera. Think you can pull it off on this storied and famously ‘skinny’ Amsterdam bridge?

Magere brug Amsterdam by night

Photo by: Jorge Royan

8. Youseum

Last but not least, we suggest you head over to our content creation studios at Youseum… a truly unmissable stop on any TikTok to-do list in Amsterdam. Take advantage of our stunning backdrops, interactive rooms, and the possible hours to be spent flexing your creativity within our walls 🔵

Youseum infinityroom

Photo by: Rachel Ecclestone