The New Shade of Sustainability: fairf Paint

August, 13th 2021

sustainable paint fairf

If you are looking for the place to put yourself in the spotlight, then Youseum is the right place for you. You won’t find a pot of gold here, but you certainly cannot miss the rainbow; our range of colourful rooms offers something for every visitor! We hear you thinking how we got all those beautiful colourful rooms. In reality, our friends at fairf offered us a helping hand! Here is the twist: fairf paint is completely sustainable! What’s not to like?

Sustainable pain Fairf

Thanks to our first super successful collaboration, we were able to let our visitors experience the most beautiful colours at our location in Amsterdam. As a result, we are proud to extend this collaboration with fairf to our new location in Westfield Mall of the Netherlands, Leidschendam! This means that we can inspire you even more, as well as letting you admire many more beautiful fairf colours.

duurzame verf fairf

Fairf offers a wonderful alternative to the paint we usually put on our walls. Fairf produces and sells sustainable paint (fair verf = fair paint)! In short: painting as you are used to, but with a less harmful impact on the environment!

How do they do that? First, the paint is produced in a factory that runs entirely on solar energy. Fairf thus contributes to the reduction of the global CO2 level! How beautiful is that?

In addition, fairf is less harmful than regular paint. Instead of fossil raw materials, vegetable raw materials form the basis of the binding agent. By using vegetable raw materials, carbon derived from the air is captured in fairf. Also, the paint is water-based and contains no other solvents, which makes fairf the perfect solution against that pungent paint odour, while being sustainable!


Sustainable paint Fairf

Fairf offers a number of different colour collections. Do you have a specific colour preference that has not been listed? Don’t worry, it can be mixed for you! This way, fairf brings the most beautiful colours into every room.

duurzame verf fairf

All in all, fairf is better for people, animals and the environment – ​​something we strongly support at Youseum. We are therefore very proud to be an official fairfspot! Would you also like to become a fairfspot or are you just looking for some inspiration? Then take a look at their Instagram @fairf.duurzame.verf or visit Youseum to experience the most beautiful fairf colors in real life!

Hey YOU! You do NOT need a COVID-19 test/vaccine pass to enter our locations (as we are following the Dutch regulations for museums)

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