Spotlight: Making A Difference at the Supermarket

April, 14th 2020

Spotlight: Making A Difference at the Supermarket


Ever since we closed the doors of our Instagram museum in Amsterdam, our whole team has been hard at work creating content to fill your days. But we’ve also been thinking long and hard about what our impact might be during these difficult times. Because there’s no one-size-fits-all experience of the Corona crisis.

 One of our heroes (what we call our tour guides at our Instagram museum in Amsterdam) went to Albert Heijn last week on a socially-distanced run for some household staples (bread, fruit, and a bottle of wine 😉). Our hero, called Myrte, recognized the attendant working at the front of the store. She decided to approach her.

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The clerk, named Marian, greeted Myrte and asked if she needed assistance. Myrte replied that she’d seen her working a lot during the crisis and wondered how Marian was coping.

‘It’s hard,’ Marian replied, ‘and some days it’s scary. But I’ve got to come to work every day to support my family.’ 

‘Gosh that’s so difficult. I’m very grateful for what you’re doing, though,’ Myrte replied. Myrte hasn’t been able to work since we had to close our Instagram museum in Amsterdam, but Marian’s situation still felt harder.

‘Thanks. You know what?’ Marian said, ‘there are a lot of very rude people who come in here every day. They are impatient and get upset, and they treat me and my colleagues like we’re invisible. These are the people that often make my job the most difficult these days.’

‘But,’ Marian continued, ‘when people are friendly, or courteous towards others, or acknowledge that some of us are fighting hard to get through this, like you just did. Those are the moments that make all the difference. Seriously.’

Marian’s words have stuck with us, and in thinking about how we can make a difference these days, our thought for today is this: when feeling powerless, passing on some positivity to others in vulnerable positions can make everyone’s day brighter.

From all of us at our Instagram museum in Amsterdam, keep on going… you’re doing great. And thank a grocery store attendant the next time you make a trip 💙