Spotlight: Dreaming Up Youseum

January, 14th 2020

Instagram muzej u Nizozemskoj

Every idea has a point of activation and every dream has a story. Naturally, a lot of people ask us where we got the idea to start the newest instagram museum in the Netherlands.

Our founder, Koen, was living in New York City working for Rabobank when he visited The Dream Machine in Williamsburg. There’d been buzz surrounding the interactive museum amongst his friends, and pictures of the experience were “blowing up his Insta.” But he was curious about what he might find there, because there weren’t any Instagram museums back in the Netherlands that he could compare it to.

Instagram muzej u Nizozemskoj

The Dream Machine, founded by Paige Solomon, was one of the original Instagram museums that kicked off a craze that has since swept America and the rest of the world. The Dream Machine’s Williamsburg location closed last year in anticipation of the grand opening of a new project by Solomon in Los Angeles in 2020.

Spotlight: Dreaming up Youseum Likes


Our founder Koen was surprised by what he discovered on his date at the Dream Machine in 2018, and he exited onto the street and into the Brooklyn summer with the kernel of an idea planted in his mind.

Instagram muzej u Nizozemskoj

Koen was struck by the potential for a vibrant and creative space to function as a meeting place for people from all over the world, one that could be built anywhere and attract people from everywhere. Founding an Instagram museum in the Netherlands was the logical next step.

Instagram muzej u Nizozemskoj


“We could certainly build one in Amsterdam,” Koen thought. “And moreso, we could build a message into ours. Encourage people to challenge themselves and the idea of what social media is. We could build an escape and an opportunity at the exact same time.”

Museos de Instagram en los Países Bajos


And two years later, Amsterdam boasts the newest and most dynamic Instagram museum in the Netherlands. Youseum on the Amstel River is bustling with visitors from all over the world, all vying to stake their claim on what it means to be creative and connected in 2020.