Spotlight: 2 Million Memories Captured With Canon

February, 6th 2020

youseum camera hands things to do in amsterdam

At Youseum we’ve tried to create one of the coolest sites to see in Amsterdam, and our partners at Canon have been with us every step of the way. But just what constitutes a cool site, and what its impact can be on a visitor or a local, has been an important question for us throughout our collaboration.

Canon is all about the boldness and bravery that creativity can channel, and they have built a trusted brand around the ability for a great, high-quality image to communicate a million feelings and stories in one go.

And they’re reliable too. From day one we’ve been at work installing and operating photographic equipment throughout our interactive experience, and Canon have been there every step of the way to troubleshoot, problem-solve, and improve the project as we envisioned it.



youseum amsterdam things to see in amsterdam

Ultimately, as we’ve discussed on this blog before, our mission at Youseum from the get-go has been to create a place where guests can accomplish this same mission for themselves. Youseum has simultaneously become one of the coolest sites to see in Amsterdam, and one of the most exciting opportunities to create images and stories with impact..

Impact is a big one for us, because the process of taking the lead, discovering, creating, and then communicating, has an inevitable effect on the communities that surround us. For all the breathtaking sites to see in Amsterdam, there are a million impacts and potential outcomes of the journeys involved. 

Музеи для посещения в Амстердаме

Youseum is all about taking the lead and discovering things for yourself. Youseum is all about creativity as an opportunity. And Youseum is all about play and fun, too.

Canon has helped us make sense of all these things in one interactive experience that can be recorded and remembered for years to come.

Come laugh, pose, discover, play, and explore at one of the most exciting sites to see in Amsterdam. And what better than a Canon camera to make it unforgettable 📸