Youseum: One Vision, Ten-Thousand Visitors

February, 10th 2020

Музеи для посещения в Амстердаме

We’ve talked on this blog a bit about Youseum’s backstory, and how our founder Koen got the idea to start it all. Today we sat down with Joep, Koen’s co-founder and cousin, and got up to speed on Joep’s involvement in building one of the coolest museums to visit in Amsterdam.

Музеи для посещения в Амстердаме

In September 2018, Joep was finishing his second Master’s degree in Energy and Environmental Sciences at the University of Groningen. Certainly no slouch, he wasn’t yet sure what he wanted to do with his newfound freedom.

“I knew I wanted to have a positive impact on peoples’ lives. I wanted to do something entrepreneurial, and creative, and bold,’ he says, ‘but I wasn’t quite sure how I’d make all these things happen.”

Музеи для посещения в Амстердаме

The same day Joep had officially completed his degree, his cousin Koen called from New York, regaling him excitedly with news of Instagram museums and a wave of cultural innovation that had taken America by storm.

Koen also urged that this wave would shortly arrive in Europe. ‘We’ve got to bring it to the Netherlands,’ Koen said. ‘We could build one of the most innovative museums to visit in Amsterdam.’

Joep considered the proposal through the following days, as he celebrated with friends and enjoyed his newfound freedom in summery Groningen. A couple weeks passed, and the day of his official diploma-signing arrived. And with it, another phonecall from Koen.

Музеи для посещения в Амстердаме

It’s happening,’ Koen said, ‘and we’re going to do it together. We’re going to create one of the coolest museums to visit in Amsterdam, but with a purpose. It’s going to be about creating art while limiting our impact on the earth. It’s going to be about becoming conscious of the way that we live.’

Joep held his diploma in his hand and thought about his mom, who would be proud of his conviction do something worthwhile with his time, talents, and energy. He agreed.

‘Great,’ Koen said. ‘Come to Amsterdam tomorrow. Let’s get to work.’

Музеи для посещения в Амстердаме

In the year and some months since that phonecall, Koen and Joep—family, friends, business partners—have built Youseum into a formidable success. And Joep assures that the museum’s mission and message about sustainability and social responsibility have only become clearer over time.

At Youseum, one of the newest museums to visit in Amsterdam, that message revolves around the world you wish to create for yourself, online and off 🔵