#ItStartsWithYou: Our Amsterdam To Do List Today

March, 11th 2020

Što raditi danas u Amsterdamu

There’s lots in Amsterdam to do today

There’s a lot going on in Amsterdam lately: cool events, marches, and important conversations. Through it all it can be difficult to get a grasp on what to do, where to be, and how best to prioritise health and happiness.

How to prioritise: fun

At Youseum we’ve built an Instagram museum around the belief that it’s important to create regular moments of spontaneous fun in order to enjoy life to the fullest. Laughter and joy are the benchmarks that we use to measure the great times amidst the good and the bad.

Što raditi danas u Amsterdamu

How to prioritise: creativity

So you’ve got some unexpected free time. In Amsterdam, what’s there to do today then? If you frame your you-time around talents and interests, and channel these to create something new, you’ll stay centred in your experience of this fast-paced world. Take some photos, tell a story, paint, draw, dance… create some memories for yourself 😁

Što raditi danas u Amsterdamu

How to prioritise: self-care

These days in Amsterdam, stress levels are high. It’s imperative that we take good care of ourselves in order to be able to look out for one another. Self-care can look like a lot of different things: a long bath, staying in when you’re exhausted, jumping in a ball pit and laughing ‘til it hurts. Putting basic needs first equips you to take on the world.

neon sign Amsterdam

It Starts With You

We believe that a better life, a better community, and a better you… start with YOU first. But this shouldn’t be a chore. At Youseum, by centring fun, creativity, and self-care this month, we’re prioritising a stronger community online and off. What’s on your Amsterdam to do list today? 💙