7 Things You Should Know About Youseum

November, 19th 2019

instagram museum

Our Instagram museum opened two weeks ago and we’ve already been visited by tons of people: influencers, artists, tourists, locals, Dutchies, cool kids, and even drag queens. For those who haven’t come yet, here’s what you should know:


1. At Youseum, most of us don’t have Instagram.

Sure, some of us do. We’ll scroll through a news feed from time to time. But mostly because we are fascinated by social media. That’s why we started this project in the first place: we’re interested in what happens after you snap that selfie. Is it art? Does it have an impact? Does it matter?

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2. We want you to think of yourself as a construct.

At Youseum, you’re a guest. But you are also exactly what the conversation’s all about. Because you are a work of art. And you’re also a digital construct. The you that exists on Instagram is different to the one who enters our Instagram museum offline, and this difference is the difference between you and you. At Youseum, we are interested in both.


3. We love to party.

We like to dance, laugh, and have a good time—and these are the cornerstones of Youseum as an experience and events space. Let’s think critically and ask the big questions. But we also think it’s important to laugh and have fun at the same time—how else will you have enough energy to save the world and win the social media game, too?

museo interattivo

4. We think feminism is complex.

A lot of people talk about feminism: politicians, movie stars, scholars, teenagers, influencers, even the creepy guy next door. Which makes feminism as a concept incredibly complex, offline and in your news feed. What’s even more complex is its history, and the many often contradictory traditions that fall under the same category. At Youseum, feminist artist Cathelijne Blok brings these kaleidoscopic elements into conversation with one another in a spectacularly curated room.


5. We think drag queens are everything.

We love drag because it gets to the heart of the style, beauty, and humour that make us tick. At Youseum we want to incorporate you into a sick social commentary that exciting, colourful, and new. We love to see you dress up and pretend while embracing the you within. That’s what we think an Instagram museum should achieve. Werk!

museo interattivo

6. We love David Lynch.

We love art that makes us look closer. Art that makes us consider what a simple exterior might be hiding, and what emerges when it’s stripped away. We like art that’s beautiful and watchable and attractive—and then turns all those expectations upside-down. When you take a closer look at content on social media, what remains?


7. We want you to take selfies here.

Don’t get us wrong. We’re creating beautiful and striking rooms that are photographable and selfie-tastic. But what sets us apart is that the impulse to snap those pics forms just one part of the bigger story that we’re trying to tell here at Youseum. Love it or hate it, we are living in the digital age—bask in it, send it up, laugh at it, pose in front of it… each is possible (and encouraged) at Youseum.

museo interattivo

Museu da Selfie

Hey YOU! You do NOT need a COVID-19 test/vaccine pass to enter our locations (as we are following the Dutch regulations for museums. We can’t wait to welcome you and have a fun day at Youseum!