6 Netflix Lifestyle Picks to Illuminate Your Day

March, 26th 2020

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People are experiencing these Corona times in a variety of ways. Some are out of work, others still go to work each day (shout-out to our medical, service, and supermarket heroes), while still others are working from home. In Amsterdam, whether breaking up a long day or ending one on the sofa, many are turning to Netflix for inspiration and entertainment. The team at our Instagram museum in Amsterdam has been enjoying these inspiring lifestyle programs as a way to unwind, too 💙

1.  Queer Eye

The Fab Five have long been a source of inspiration and positivity during difficult times. They provide laughs alongside life-affirming glimpses into the lives of people around the world who’ve managed to make the best out of sometimes very tough situations.

Queer eye Netflix instagram museum amsterdam

© Netflix

2.  Explained

Looking for answers? We certainly are. This Netflix original has many spin-offs now and each serves up illuminating answers to all kinds of questions about the world around us. One of our top picks for sure!

explained Netflix instagram museum amsterdam

© Netflix

3.  The Creative Brain

At our Instagram museum in Amsterdam we work with lots of creative minds hailing from many different disciplines. This documentary provides some serious insights into how the creative mind functions and why many of us share a common impulse to create.

the creative brain instagram museum amsterdam

© Netflix

4.  Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

Kando’s become famous for her easy guidelines for cherishing what matters most, and letting go of what isn’t so necessary to us anymore. This is an especially useful pick for those of us stuck at home with lots of time and not so much to do with it!


© Netflix

5.  Amazing Interiors

Many of us are all too familiar these days with the corners and contours of the interiors in which we live. Check out some of these absolutely breathtaking houses around the world. These are #quarantinegoals for sure!

amazing interior

© Netflix

6.  Heal

At Youseum, our Instagram museum in Amsterdam, we’re constantly inspired by stories of people who’ve overcome, and who’ve mastered a balance between mind, body, and soul. For those of us struggling with big questions and even bigger uncertainties right now, this pick should top your list.

We wish you all strength and energy through the coming days 💙



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