12 Dutch Influencers Doing Interesting Things

December, 2nd 2019

инстаграм музей в амстердаме

Youseum is buzzing with interesting things to do: tours, creative outlets, and special events. In the month since we opened we’ve been totally inspired by these 12 individuals, and we think you will be too.

1. Jan Versteegh

Jan isn’t just a big television presenter in Holland, his Insta game is some of the best in the land. He’s funny and relatable, and whether doing goofy poses with his kids or hanging out in the pool, his account is sure to brighten your day.


Jan Versteegh presenter


2. Nina Warink

Nina Warink makes everything look cool. Whether she’s out and about or just hanging out at home, her fun-loving relatability and willingness to share her ups and downs with her followers makes you wish she was your bestie, too.

Nina Warink influencer with interesting things to do


3. Iris Enthoven

Presenter and urban adventurer Iris Enthoven is always up to crazy-cool stuff that’s totally worth checking out—and she’s always got tips on the most interesting things to do. But it’s her fantastic energy and sense of humour that really seal the deal.


iris enthoven influencer


4. Maan

Maan is a nationally-famous vocal sensation taking everything by storm: talent shows, the world of entertainment, and now your feed. Check out her account and find out just how super-relatable the superstar actually is.


Maan singer and celebrity in the Netherlands


5. Eenhoornjoost

The famous Youtuber and singer shares both crazy antics and glimpses at his regular life in his fantastic Insta. Whatever the occasion, it’s always a wild ride.


Eenhoornjoost youtuber netherlands with interesting things to do

6. Tits Store

The Tits Store’s account is vibrant, beautiful, empowering, and—don’t forget—tons and TONS of fun. The intersectionally feminist glimpse at life in the Netherlands is worth a follow immediately.

Tits Store Amsterdam


7. Nina van den broek

Beauty queen, model, and social media inspiration Nina documents the highlights and hilarity of her travels and fabulous times with friends, who’ve always got the inside scoop on interesting things to do online and off.


Nina Van den Broek Dutch influencer with interesting things to do


8. Abby Hoes

Catch a glimpse of this Golden Calf-winning actress (the Oscars of the Netherlands) as she goes between life onset and off, or just hangs out in the car with her friends.


Abbey Hoes Dutch actress and influencer


9. Britt van de Klink

Britt’s a student of law, a student of fashion, and a student of life. Check out her fantastic travels captured from her unique point-of-view.


Britt van den klink law student influencer


10. Larissa Mol

One word: colour!!! Larissa Mol combines a love for eye-popping splashes of colour, iconic design, and gag-worth fashion on her account—which is one of our absolute faves.


Larissa Mol influencer netherlands


11. Cathelijne Blok

Cathelijne is an empowering icon and visionary—and she also just happens to be a good friend of ours at Youseum. Cathelijne’s Insta is eye-catching, inspiring, informative. It also reveals that she’s a total boss.


Cathelijne blok feminist influencer netherlands


12. Rachel Ecclestone

Rachel Ecclestone’s account @urbantraveler features some of the most eye-catching imagery we’ve seen on Insta, combining both extraordinary and everyday scenes and experiences. It’s worth trying to catch a glimpse of the world through Urban Traveller’s lens.


Urban traveller photography account instagram