How to maintain your New Years’ resolutions

January, 4th 2021


Although we are celebrating the start of 2021 differently, one thing remains the same: new year’s resolutions. Whether you want to get more active this year or want to write a book – many of us struggle to keep our resolutions. But don’t worry, Team You has collected some tips to help you achieve all your goals and keep on track! 


1. Do it together!

In order to stay motivated and to keep your goal through the whole year, look for friends who have a similar goal and stick to it together! This way you can motivate each other regularly and hold each other accountable.


2. Set realistic goals.

Dream big – but keep your goals focused. Instead of having one big task to accomplish, divide the path to your goal in smaller, realistic steps. You will see that it is way easier to achieve your large, long term goal once you start crossing off the smaller steps one by one!


3. Get rid of negativity!

Before starting the new year with new goals, burn away the old, negative thoughts that may hold you back from achieving your goals. Research shows that writing down things actually works, so write down your negative thoughts and burn them! 🔥


4. Record down your journey!

As stated before, writing down your journey can psychologically help to achieve your goals or to destress yourself. Get a nice journal and start writing small goals, and progress how far you’ve come. Or, if one of your goals is to get fit, a great tip is to take progress pictures. 📸  On days you’re feeling like you haven’t accomplished much, it feels great to check into these progress pictures and journals to see how far you’ve come!


5. Change is a process! 

Last but not least, don’t be too hard on yourself. No matter what your resolutions are, it is absolutely normal not to achieve them at once or the first time around. Just make sure to get backup again and to accept your way up to your goals. 💙