Hero Spotlight: Social Media & Social Change

June, 19th 2020

youseum hero Samantha

As the Black Lives Matter movement continues to have an impact in countries and communities all around the world, Youseum’s Heroes (our Amsterdam Instagram museum’s tour guides) have been doing their part right here in the Netherlands. Social messaging and crucial information have been circulated using a number of social media channels, and social media is in many ways making all the difference.

black lives matter

Our Hero Samantha has attended solidarity protests in Amsterdam and Utrecht, and she thinks that social media has been key in the movement. “George Floyd was the last straw. Racism has been happening for way too long,’ she says, “the difference now is that incriminating incidents are being filmed and distributed online.”

Simply put, social media is a huge agent for change.

social media protest

Samantha has seen the role social media plays in people’s lives on a daily basis here at Youseum, and nowadays it’s come to mean that “a lot of people don’t have to be silent anymore. People can be more vocal about human rights, in an intersectional way. This isn’t just some hype.”

social media change

At Youseum, Samantha, along with our team and the other heroes, believe it’s crucial we keep up the fight and remain vocal on matters concerning human rights. By sharing information and images we can keep communities up-to-date. And at our Instagram museum in Amsterdam we hope also to elevate the voices and creative work of black artists and creators of colour.

black artists and creators of color

@internetbby on Instagram

We hope to use our channels to encourage representation in these times of hugely important change.