Hero Spotlight: An Education in Social Media

June, 25th 2020


Our Hero Trijntje has made it her mission to continually educate herself and those around her in light of the Black Lives Matter movement following the murder of George Floyd in the United State. And what does Trijntje think is one of the most important tools in this education?

Social media.


“I use my social media platform to share content that might be able to educate different kinds of people about this movement,” she says. “It’s so important to use your voice and platform in this way to initiate conversations about racism.’’

This movement stands to reshape policy and public life in so many ways, so long as platforms and resources are used effectively. Trijntje, who’s attended protests in Amsterdam, believes that, ‘with so many young people using their platform to educate themselves and others, one day we might be able to talk about this moment as a revolution.


At Youseum, we agree. And we also believe in using our platform in order to educate people about race and racism in light of the movement, in the Netherlands and around the world.

At Youseum, we celebrate diversity and think it’s what makes us stronger.


What will your impact be today? Check out this list of resources and funds that can make a difference.