Youseum Spotlight: Felyx to the Rescue

May, 28th 2020

felyx scooter Amsterdam

This coming Monday, the 1st of June, Youseum will reopen its doors along with hundreds of other Amsterdam businesses, cafes and restaurants. The economic impact of the last few months is still difficult to predict. And as a small, family-run start-up, we at Youseum understand the need to think creatively in order to solve problems. And that’s why we’re so proud of our friends at Felyx scooters, who’ve led with an answer to the question on many of our minds: in light of everything, what is there to do in Amsterdam today?


Ever since the March closure of all cafes and restaurants in the Netherlands, small businesses have been hit hard. Suddenly, great neighbourhood spots and local favourites were suddenly at risk, and without the ability to deliver their delicious wares, might have no way of keeping afloat through this spring.

felyx Amsterdam


That’s where our friends at Felyx come in. Wondering what there was to do in Amsterdam today, to help out peers and partners in a time of crisis, they put a powerful plan into action.


Felyx made delivery scooters available to small-business clients at reduced rates, so that at-risk cafes and restaurants might be able deliver to customers all over the city. Their impact has been huge, and they’ve inspired us to wonder what we can do in Amsterdam today.


At Youseum we’re inspired by creative thinking and powerful solutions, which we know can come in all shapes and sizes. Whether creating cool content, inspiring communities, or helping one another out, creativity is so often the key.


Come visit Youseum from next week, and let your creative flag fly 💙


Cover: Leo Roos

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