Crazy facts about Amsterdam

October, 1st 2020

Amsterdam is indeed a crazy city. Doesn’t matter if we talk about the people or the crooked architecture. We sure love it! But it is also full of fun facts, facts that will amaze you, especially when you visit Amsterdam for the first time! Youseum listed some of those for you!


Bikes, bikes, bikes
Everyone knows that there are more bikes than people in this city – but did you know that every year 15.000 bikes are pulled out of the canals? And approximately 30.000 are still in there! We are open to a possible explanation for this ridiculously high number… anyone?


2. Cars, cars, cars?

Even more bizarre: the fire department reports that they fish approximately 35 cars out of the canals every year. Did someone take the wrong turn?


3. Take a ride! 

Out of the 205 trams that are in Amsterdam, the trams of line number 5 are one of the most popular ones. This is probably due to the fact that it stops at Hot Spot Leidseplein.? Lovely called “Leidse” by some locals.


4. Look up!

Ever felt like everyone is much taller than you? Well, that’s not a surprise because the Netherlands has the tallest men and women in the world!

5. Wed and Walk! 

Everything is possible in our beloved city, even a 1-day marriage! Want to refresh your anniversary or just test marrying your partner or best friend? Wed and Walk makes it possible!

6.Back in the days 

Can you imagine that Amsterdam was founded in the 13th century as a small fishing village? Hard to believe when you walk around our capital city now, but some spots in the city still remind us of it.