Corona-proof Outings with Kids in Amsterdam

May, 29th 2020

corona proof outings with kids

These endless sunny days are a sure-fire sign that summer’s upon us! And even though social-distancing measures are fully in place in Amsterdam, it’s still high time to get outside with the whole family for an outing and a little bit of fun. Here are our recommendations for the best, corona-proof outings with kids these days in Amsterdam:

1. Ice Cream in Oosterpark

Grab the kids and a blanket, stake out your spot (at a reasonable distance from other picnickers), and wait for one of the many ice cream bicycles to pass by with cones and ice-lollies at reasonable prices!

Photo by Cleyder Duque from Pexels

2. Bubbles in the Westerpark

The Westerpark is full of open spaces, water elements and pools, and plenty of spots to make bubble art in the shining sun with the whole family. All it takes is some string, a little water, and some eco-friendly soap! Check out these great instructions here.


3.  TonTon club in Westerpark

While in the Westerpark, why not hop over to the TonTon club? Tap into that old-school arcade nostalgia with a modern twist… and enjoy pinball and other games outside in the sunshine! Definitely one of the coolest corona proof outings with kids (and grownups) in Amsterdam!

corona things with kids


4. Amstelpark playgrounds

Amstelpark has fantastic playgrounds, an ice cream shop, and sections with games and a small working train! A perfect, socially distanced escape for the whole family.


5. The Seagull Playground

This little gem is a classic playground with a twist! Tucked away on the Westerdok, this is the first public playground in Europe located on a boat! Kids can climb, swing, and play… but don’t worry, the whole thing’s encased in safety netting! One of the most unexpected corona-proof outings with kids we could think of.

corona things with kids in amsterdam

6.  Youseum

As of June 1st, we’re reopening our doors on a corona-compliant basis! Come with the whole family to create unforgettable photos and videos in our sprawling and kaleidoscopic rooms. Escape for a couple hours together 💙

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Cover: @haticehuma