Blue Monday: Fact or Fiction at Youseum?

January, 20th 2020

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Over the last few years, the third Monday of January has taken on a life of its own: we’re talking about Blue Monday. Though it’s considered by some the saddest day of the year, this day seems to us like the perfect opportunity to go searching for fun stuff to do in Amsterdam. To lighten the mood… and to keep you happy and healthy.

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But first a little background. Apparently, due to a combination of factors like weather, time of year, post-holiday-hangovers, and the amount of daylight available, people in the northern hemisphere experience a lower level of happiness on this day more than on any other in the year. 

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The only problem, as one psychologist writing for The Guardian suggests, is that this is pseudoscience. Sadness and low energy are not necessarily signs of clinical depression, which is a medical condition that shouldn’t be confused with that itchy feeling some people get in the middle of winter. If the latter’s the case, then it’s high time to go out looking for some fun stuff to do in Amsterdam instead, in order to stay active and engaged.

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‘Blue Monday’ is a great example of the power of social media to spread ideas and information that might be less than reliable. But #bluemonday continues to trend across social media platforms on this day of the year, which leads us to wonder: what would it take to reframe peoples’ thinking around this and other issues?

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At Youseum, blue is totally our colour. We’re all about seeking out fun stuff to do in Amsterdam and beyond. We’re a space for joy, discovery, laughter, and opportunity to unleash your creativity in colourful and unexpected ways.

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So whenever the world around you is telling you to do or feel a certain way, challenge those assumptions. Lean into fun. Lean into true blue… and the truest version of you 🔵