A Rainy Day in Amsterdam with Team You

January, 22nd 2020

Rainy day Amsterdam

A rainy day in Amsterdam is like a warm day on the Sun. Let’s face it: the summer-season in Amsterdam (a.k.a. that one week in July) is bookended by about ten other months of wet shoes and potentially bad moods. But this doesn’t have to be the nail in your winter’s coffin! Join Team You on our quest to make the best of a rainy day out in Amsterdam.

woman outside rain

Hey you! We just got off the train at Central Station and we’re thinking about grabbing a coffee first… want to join us? Let’s take the metro steps down underground and cross over towards the Nieuwmarkt. There’s nothing gezelliger than a cup of coffee in a cosy cafe on a rainy day in Amsterdam!

Central station Amsterdam

Let’s say you don’t feel like cycling through the pouring rain. No problem! We’ll hit up our team’s favourite dim sum spot, Oriental City on the Damstraat. Good thing we made a reservation in advance 😉

cycling rainy Amsterdam

Okay, the rain has let up for about ten minutes, but there’s a downpour coming! Let’s hurry and catch a film at the famous Tuschinski cinema, one of any local’s go-to pastimes on a rainy day in Amsterdam.

Tuschinski cinema - a rainy day in Amsterdam with team You

That movie… Changed. Our. Lives. Wow! Wanna go grab a beer and talk about it? Let’s hop over to the metro at the Waterlooplein and hop over to Amstelstation to hit up one of our favourite haunts, Café Vrijdag.

Café Vrijdag

Photo by: Café Vrijdag

It’s about 4pm and we wanna finish off our rainy day in Amsterdam in style. Why don’t you come back to Youseum with us, and will show you around one of the city’s best kept secrets? What could be better than laughing, discovering, and flexing our creativity on a day like today? 🔵