8 Things Every Dutch Person Knows (But Others Don’t)

February, 3rd 2020

nederlandse kakkers amsterdam must

Outsiders love to talk about the Dutch. We’re direct! We’re party animals! We’re not funny! For tourists coming to Mokum, however, learning a little about the locals should be an Amsterdam must. At Youseum we’ve talked with tons of lovely travellers and here’s our list of the things we Dutch people know better than the rest:

1. How to actually keep calm and carry on

If you were wondering whether the Brits really have the market cornered on this one, simply Google the word Brexit. One of Dutch society’s bottom lines: stop overreacting and pull yourself together. This is an Amsterdam must every visitor should remember, and a deeply held cultural value every Dutch person understands implicitly.

koning koningin amsterdam must

2. Smoking weed isn’t really our thing (and it’s not even an Amsterdam must…)

This is a fact. But you do you! As long as you don’t make your problem our problem (seriously… you do not need to eat the whole brownie), we’re happy to let you have a ball.

Smoking weed

3. If you think we’re cheap you’re probably bad with money

Which of these seems like the most comfortable option for all involved: 1) everyone pays what they owe, and the waiter who served the food earns a living wage. Or, 2) rifts form and conflicts bubble up as people who can’t afford to pay for three meals feel like they have to, the waiter is living off of tips, and the richest one at the table only covers the bread-basket. Conclusion: going Dutch is an Amsterdam must.

the vault youseum amsterdam must

4. There’s a whole world outside of Amsterdam 

It’s true. We’ve got breathtaking cities, expansive fields full of farms and villages and the people who love them. We’ve got rivers, and even (some) hills. We’ve got dialects and cultural diversity of all kinds. We’ve got beaches, forests, and, most importantly, families and stories that have nothing to do with Amsterdam’s red light district.

holland windmill

5. There’s such thing as Dutch humour

Don’t think we’re funny? Challenge: learn Dutch and try and make us laugh in a language that’s not your own. We love to laugh as much as the next guy… and in Dutch, it’s often more about the story than the joke itself. It’s about how you tell it; not what you’ve told. Good banter has always been an Amsterdam must.

de parade theater comedy amsterdam must

6. Tiny Eastpak’s are the pinnacle of fashion

Enough said.

eastpak amsterdam must

7. What are you dressing up for?

These days we Dutch people don’t really care how you dress, or how much money you make. In Holland, whether it’s a wedding, a funeral, the opera, a house-party, a job interview, or a beer with the gang after work (a definite Amsterdam must)… just come as you are. Wait… maybe this is why stoners like it here so much?

dutch women amsterdam must

8. “Amsterdam,” “Holland,” “Dutch,” and “The Netherlands” are all super different

The Netherlands is a country bordered by Belgium and Germany. Holland is a region of the Netherlands. Amsterdam is a city in Holland, and also the capital of the country. Dutch people are residents of the country, and Dutch is also the language they speak. Capisce?


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