8 Things No Brit Should Miss in Amsterdam

February, 7th 2020

British people in amsterdam things not to miss

Last week was a rough one for our friends across the channel. So no need to dwell on the negative… because chances are, they’ll still at least be able to visit us whenever they’d like. And according to our British friends already based here, these are the things not to miss in Amsterdam for any Brit:


1. The Hoxton

This famous hotel originated in London, and now claims locations all over the world. But it’s stuck true to its English roots, and there are few places cosier for a posh cocktail or some food than its bar and restaurant.

The Hoxton not to miss in Amsterdam

Via booking.com

2. Stedelijk

Many have compared the Stedelijk, Amsterdam’s modern art museum, to a ‘mini Tate’, and this destination museum is sure not to disappoint. Definitely one of the things not to miss in Amsterdam as far as art and culture are concerned.


stedelijk museum Amsterdam not to miss

© John Lewis Marshall

3. Het Hem

This gallery and cultural hub gives off strong Manchester industrial vibes, and is a great opportunity to cross paths with some of the huge art community alive and well in Amsterdam.


Het HEM things not to miss in Amsterdam

© Het HEM

4. Boom Chicago

Sure, Chicago’s a very American city, but hear us out… whether British and on a visit, or based here long-term, sometimes you just need a good laugh. And this storied improv comedy theatre, which employs American and British performers alike, is maybe the best place in Amsterdam to do it. Certainly one thing not to miss in Amsterdam.

things not to miss in Amsterdam Boom Chicago

© Boom Chicago

5. SkyLounge

Cocktail lover? We’ve got you covered. High standards? Even better. This hotspot is off the beaten path, but surely one not to miss.

sky lounge amsterdam things not to miss

© SkyLounge

6. Café George

Feeling peckish and got an afternoon to spend in a chic brasserie? This lunchroom has a couple locations in the gorgeous Jordaan neighbourhood, and is a favourite of British tourists and locals alike.


George cage amsterdam things not to miss

© Cafe George Amsterdam

7. Pllek

Sunny day in Amsterdam? These are as rare in the Netherlands as they are in the UK, so whether Dutch or British, you know what to do: head to this gorgeous urban social space (definitely one of the outdoor things not to miss in Amsterdam) for a drink, a hangout, and a catch-up with friends old and new.


things not to miss in Amsterdam


8. Youseum

Looking to express your creativity, have a laugh, and tons of fun, too? Hit up our interactive museum at the beginning of your day, or afternoon, or evening. You’ll walk away having embraced some of the most quintessentially British values: creativity, innovation, and celebration 🔵


things not to miss in Amsterdam