8 Places to Visit in The Hague to Get Your Summer Started

July, 12th 2021

Den Haag The Hague

With summer in full swing and covid-19 restrictions easing up, there are endless possibilities for what to do during the sunny days. We thought of introducing you to one of our fave Dutch cities, The Hague! But where to start? Don’t fret, we got you covered! Here are 8 places that are a MUST-SEE when you visit The Hague.

1. Swim at the Scheveningen beach

You certainly cannot miss catching up on vitamin D at the Scheveningen beach! Whip out your favourite pair of swimsuits, put some sunscreen on and take a dip in the sea. The beach is a perfect place for any occasion, be it for a cute date or a picnic with your friends! The Scheveningen area is also known for its romantic pier and a nature reserve, Westduinpark, so even if it is too cold for a cheeky swim, make sure to go ahead and explore the surroundings!

Scheveningen Beach Den Haag

2. Thrift in vintage shops

New city, new me! We love visiting hidden vintage shops to find unique wardrobe gems. There is no better feeling than finding that one-of-a-kind piece that was waiting for you to pick it! Our favourites would be Ilka Secondhand and Vintage, Kringloop Rataplan, Zusjes Vintage Boetiek or Lola Stola. From designer to affordable pieces, you can find clothes that will not only fit your wardrobe but also your personality. Who said being sustainable is boring?

Thrift Shop

3. Create extraordinary Instagram pictures and Tiktok videos at Youseum

After long days of covid quarantining, our Instagram feeds are for sure deprived of some beautiful content! For that reason, you just have to make a stop at an Instagram museum, Youseum. The social media museum is located in the Westfield Mall of the Netherlands close to the centre of The Hague. You will be able to take the prettiest Instagram pictures and experience what it feels like to be a TikToker in some of the most unique rooms. You will walk away with photos and videos that can fill your feed for the rest of your life! Youseum can be enjoyed with a group of friends or a family with children. At the end, you can relax at our bar and give yourself a breather because you certainly deserve it!

Youseum Westfield Leidschendam Laundry Room

4. Admire the stunning Binnenhof

The Hague is known for its royal ambiance. In fact, the city used to be called s’-Gravenhage, how much more royal can it get than this? In the city centre, you can find Binnenhof, the political centre of The Hague. The Dutch parliament is situated in the Binnenhof, so this is another sight you have to explore in the Hague! The architecture dates back to the 13th century, yet the buildings are still currently used for the political affairs of the current king of the Netherlands. We particularly recommend snapping a picture from across the pond, so that you can admire the magnificence of the complex. Perhaps you can spot Mark Rutte as well?

Binnenhof Den Haag

5. Visit Madurodam

Is The Hague not enough for you? Do you seek to explore the whole country? No need to get on a train: Madurodam in The Hague offers you a miniature world with a lot of buildings and details to explore! Feel like a giant at Madurodam and have fun with the whole family!


6. Eat a delicious cake in cafes

What kind of a city trip would it be without finding little cute cafes with some mouth-watering cakes? Our top picks would be Café Blossom, Eef, Lebkov & Sons Den Haag, Greens, Parkoers or Kaafi. Have a cup of coffee, recharge, and off to another stop in The Hague!

Greens Cafe Den Haag

7. Make a cultural stop at the Peace Palace

If you are a history geek, you cannot miss out on visiting the Peace Palace. The mesmerizing neo-renaissance building serves for the administration of laws while housing the International Court of Justice. Apart from the colourful garden, the insides were realized with the collaboration of many countries all over the world, giving it a unique and picturesque atmosphere. Additionally, you can snap a pic with the statues of famous people like Gandhi and Nelson Mandela. That’s what we call a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Peace Palace Den Haag

8. Feel zen at the Japanese Garden

Did you know that the only Japanese Garden can be found in The Hague? The garden is part of the Clingendael estate that used to belong to Lady Daisy. She loved Japan so much, she brought a piece of it to The Hague. We are OBSESSED with the beautiful colours of the garden, so don’t hesitate and book a tour. The garden blossoms only for a short period!


Japanese Garden Den Haag