8 Outings for Your Amsterdam Must-See List

January, 17th 2020

Atrações imperdíveis em Amsterdão

Deciding how to make the most of your day in Amsterdam can be stressful, given all the fantastic options that exist. If you’ve got an afternoon or an evening free and a small group of friends assembled (whether you’re traveling or local), these are our suggestions to add to your Amsterdam must-see list!

1. Boat tour

The best way to take in our magical city is on the canals, no question. The fantastic architecture, the gorgeous panoramas, and the fun to be had with friends are unparalleled. And take our advice: opt for one of the smaller, more intimate boat tour companies (like Those Dam Boat Guys) for a more personal and laid-back experience.

unusual things to do in Amsterdam

Photo: Those Dam Boat Guides

2. Cafe de Ceuvel

Wanna mix things up? Head to the north of Amsterdam (there’s a metro line now!) and hit up this fantastic cafe and cooperative for a coffee, a drink, a meal, a board game, and undeniably chill vibes. Add this one to your Amsterdam must-see list for sure!

Atrações imperdíveis em Amsterdão

3. The Nine Streets

Need to get some shopping done? Or just feel like gazing longingly at some of the most gorgeous window displays the city has to offer? Spend an afternoon wandering around this breathtaking 17th-century neighbourhood laughing with friends, and nab a cheeky glass of vino or two while you’re at it.

Atrações imperdíveis em Amsterdão

4. Foodhallen

This modern space just outside the canal belt, comprising a posh food court, a cinema, galleries, and shops, is quickly becoming an institution and major contender for everyone’s Amsterdam must-see list. Spend a day here with friends and watch the hours fly by.

Atrações imperdíveis em Amsterdão

5. Ton Ton Club

Nostalgic for old-fashioned arcades? Love the buzzing, dinging, and ringing of bells on a videogame or pinball machine? Check out this old-school gaming centre for grown-ups, now at one of two Amsterdam locations. 

Atrações imperdíveis em Amsterdão

Photo by: TonTon club

6. Nemo

This is a city classic and stalwart of any Amsterdam must-see list. The interactive museum features exhibits and elements that dive deep into science and the world around us. Perfect for visitors of any age.

cose da fare ad Amsterdam con i bambini

7. Winkel 43

This is less one for your Amsterdam must-see list than one for your must-eat list! This classic eatery is famous for its Dutch apple pie, and is the perfect place to start a day wandering around Amsterdam West.

Atrações imperdíveis em Amsterdão

Photo by: Emma Julia

8. Youseum

Last but not least, we recommend Youseum as a perfect destination for your group outing. Our fantastic tour guides (called Heroes) will lead you through our eye-catching and kaleidoscopic experience all about social media and your place in both online and offline worlds.