7 Very Russian Places To Go in Amsterdam

March, 4th 2020

Moscow Kremlin

Amsterdam is full of people with Russian heritage. Maybe you were born and raised in Russia, or you might have learned the language somewhere else. You might also just stan the culture from afar 😁 These are the top recommended places to go in Amsterdam that we’ve sourced from our Russian friends living in the city:

1. Oleg Pelmeni Bar

Missing Borsch and Homemade Pelmeni? At Oleg Pelmeni Bar in Amsterdam Oost enjoy these and other traditional Russian classics… with an Amsterdam twist 😉

Pelmeni Russian cuisine

© DeBuik

2. Het Concertgebouw

It’s no secret that Russians are classical music fans! And the Concertgebouw attracted many renowned Russian classical musicians on their program each year. The renowned pianist Denis Matsuev even claims that the Concertgebouw boasts some of the best acoustics in the world.

the concertgebouw

© Hans Roggen

3. The Hermitage Amsterdam 

This well-loved Amsterdam museum works in close collaboration with its namesake, the St. Petersburg Hermitage Museum. This year’s much-anticipated Amsterdam exhibition of one of the St. Petersburg special collections will feature magical jewels from the Romanov and Yusupov families. Definitely one of the most Russian places to go in Amsterdam 😁

Russian heritage Amsterdam

© Evert Elzinga

4. Koninlijk Theatre Carré

Amsterdam (and the Netherland’s) most famous theatre (arguably) plays host to some of the world’s biggest ballet stars… many of whom hail from the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow.

© Royal Theatre Carré

© Royal Theatre Carré

5. The Stedelijk Museum

Amsterdam’s acclaimed modern art museum is like a cross between The New Tretyakov Museum and the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow. Those in the know will catch our drift… and the rest will have to find out for themselves 😉 Definitely one to add to your top places to visit in Amsterdam with typically Moscow vibes.

stedelijk museum Amsterdam not to miss

© John Lewis Marshall

6. Het Czaar Peterhuisje

Lots of people know about the Russian Czar Peter’s stay in the Netherlands in order to learn shipbuilding. But not many people know that he stayed in a little house located just 20 mins outside of Amsterdam, in Zaandam. Today it’s a museum and is open to visitors from all over the world.

tzar Peter huis Zaandam

© Geschiedenis Beleven.nl

7. Youseum

The urge to create and share interesting content online truly knows no borders… and our Russian friends are no exception 💙 We think Russian visitors to (or residents of) Amsterdam should put our instagram museum at the top of their lists of exciting places to go in Amsterdam. What’s more Russian than creativity, discovery, curiosity, and innovation? 🌍