7 Very American Places To Go in Amsterdam

February, 28th 2020

American flag in Amsterdam

Americans aren’t necessarily famous for their cultural adaptability 😉 We like what we like, and we’re not afraid to let you know it. But hey… what we lack in flexibility, we make up for in spirit! Yesterday we caught up with some Americans who’ve lived in Holland for a while to find out what they think are the most “American” places to go in Amsterdam.


1. Pathé Arena

Sometimes there’s nothing nicer than cosying up to a big bucket of popcorn to the dulcet explosions of a Hollywood action flick in one of the most American spots around: the cineplex. Hit up the biggest Pathé in Amsterdam if this is the case for you!

paatje Amsterdam

© Pathé

2. Burgers at Rotisserie East

Hit up our favourite neighbourhood burger joint (and, in our humble opinion, the best one in town) for the sizzling sounds and mind-blowing flavours of that most American of culinary institutions😋

burger spot amsterdam

© Rotisserie Amsterdam

3. American IPAs at Beer Temple

Craving an American-style IPA? Then this hot-spot should be at the top of your list of places to go in Amsterdam. With 90 different American beers on offer, it’ll take you a few visits before you’ve made the full rounds (hopefully…)

craft beer IPA

4. NFL Redzone at Coco’s

There’s nothing more American than football… well, unless you count baseball. And that’s American football, just to be clear. Well anyway, if the NFL is your thing, then this is the place to go in Amsterdam to watch it!

sports bar Amsterdam

5. Kelly’s Expat Shopping

Another American essential a convenient five-minute cycle from Youseum in Amsterdam Oost! No Mexican dinner or junk-food session is complete without a quick trip to the expat store.

American cereal

© Melia Robinson via Business Insider

6. Boom Chicago

Craving some good-old American belly-laughs? Look no further than this internationally-renowned American-style improv comedy theatre, which has helped launch the careers of the likes of Seth Meyers, Jordan Peele, and many more!

Seth Meyers Amsterdam

© Boom Chicago

7. Youseum

Okay, hear us out. Instagram museums are originally an American phenomenon, and we’re out here keeping the tradition alive in Amsterdam. At Youseum you become the artist, the artwork, and the critic. It’s no wonder so many people have said we top their list of places to go in Amsterdam 😁

Ball Pit Amsterdam