August, 12th 2022


Have you ever felt totally lost when exploring all the settings on your camera? Let’s not overcomplicate things! It shouldn’t take hours to try and take the perfect picture! We, at Youseum have become quite the experts on quick tips for taking stunning photos. Check out the list below!


1. Selfie stick
Don’t be afraid to bring your selfie stick to Youseum! You can capture a much wider angle and get all your friends in the shot. We know this accessory isn’t so popular anymore and in case you don’t have one, remember that Youseum has inbuilt cameras in almost every room! The photos come in the highest quality and can be sent straight to your email!


2. The more, the merrier

When taking a selfie, it’s all about the quantity. Experiment with different poses and facial expressions. You never know what might be the winning shot!

3. Lights-Action

For flawless results, it’s advised to stand in front of a light source. But we at Youseum advise you to break all rules! Don’t be afraid to stand behind one for creative shadow play or use the neon lights at Youseum to add color to your world!

Girl in discoroom

4. The background

If you are looking for a unique, out of this world setting, you are at the right place! Every room at Youseum has a unique design and you are sure to find one or more that fit your personal style and will complement your social media feed. Check out the Big green kitchen room and find out what is hiding behind the fridge door! Or snuggle in the rainbow room with giant teddy bears at Youseum, Westfield Mall of the Netherlands.


green kitchen

5. Choose your best profile

Do you know that it has been proven that most people’s better profile is the left side of their face? If you take a selfie, lean your head a bit to the left.

girls galaxy room

6. Be natural and spontaneous

Planned and rehearsed photos can often look stiff. Ask your friends to take photos of you when you are not looking or posing. This is when you are your most authentic self!

boy playin gitar

7. Prune

Did you know that pronouncing ‘’Prune’’ while taking a photo activates our facial muscles and highlights our cheekbones. It also accentuates our lips!

Girl face