June, 7th 2022

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It’s June and that means PRIDE MONTH has arrived – HAPPY PRIDE everyone! Pride is the month when we celebrate diversity, equality and visibility around the world.

What does pride month mean to Youseum? Youseum aims to make everyone feel welcome, safe and accepted just the way YOU are. We encourage our visitors to be the real YOU and to come out for it. Pride month should be a reminder to all of us to love ourselves and be proud of who we are. So please don’t forget: YOU are amazing just the way YOU are, and WE LOVE YOU!  

We from team Youseum are super excited that pride month 2022 has officially started and we can’t wait to celebrate love around the world with all of YOU. Are you still looking for fun ways to celebrate pride this year? We have listed the six best activities for you.

1. Decorate your home with pride decor.

Pride month is not complete without the necessary decorations. Head to your local party store, buy the nicest pride decorations and immerse your home in rainbow decoration. For example, hang a rainbow flag in front of the door or behind your window. Such visual reminders are very important to show others that you support the pride movement.

2. Create DIY pride art.

Are you not a big fan of buying decorations? Would you rather work creatively yourself? Then bundle all your creative forces together and create the most beautiful pride art. Get started with paint and make a nice poster to stick behind the window. Or string together beads in all colors of the rainbow for a nice piece of jewelry. Make your own pride shirt and wear it to a party or parade. There are plenty of opportunities to celebrate pride in the form of a creative session.


3. Attend a pride parade.

Parades are organized in various places around the world in the months of June, July and August. These parades are massively attended and give a sense of togetherness. Everyone is free to be themselves here. Nothing is too crazy! The Amsterdam Gay Pride is in the weekend from August 5 to August 7 this year. So have a little patience!


4. Host a mini pride parade or party.

Do you think it takes a little too long until the Amsterdam pride and would you prefer to celebrate as soon as possible? Then organize a mini pride parade or party yourself. Encourage each guest to put on an outfit that represents what that person stands for and celebrate love together.



5. Play a trivia game to learn more about LGBTQ history.

Although pride is celebrated all over the world by young and old, few know how this movement came about. Pride month is historically very important as it symbolizes celebrating all kinds of love and personal expression. Since history is not interesting for everyone, we recommend that you make it a fun trivia game. This way you educate yourself and others about LGBTQ in a fun way.


6. Make some yummy rainbow treats.

They say love goes through the stomach, so what better way to spread love than through homemade snacks? Biscuits or cupcakes – divide the mixture over different containers and mix a different food coloring in each container. This way you create a nice rainbow effect. Just pop it in the oven and before you know it you have the perfect pride snack on the table!