6 things YOU need to know about Clubhouse

February, 25th 2021


Youseum is all about recent trends and you must have noticed that Clubhouse is completely hot & happening! But what exactly is it? Youseum figured it out for you! Here are six things YOU need to know about the latest sensation in the App Store:


1. Fastest growing platform

Clubhouse has been around since March 2020, which makes the app almost one year old! Back then it counted only 1500 users. This number has now increased to no less than 8,1 million! And that’s not all…



2. Celebrities on Clubhouse

When did the number of users really get a boost? That happened when Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, talked for over one hour and a half with Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev. Elon Musk was the first to achieve 5000 followers! Since then Clubhouse has been a huge hype where other celebrities like famous TikTokker Sara Dol and Bas Smit have also joined. The app therefore offers the possibility to get in contact with people you normally look up to. How cool is that!



3. Did someone say guest list?

Did you know that you can only enter Clubhouse if you are invited by an existing member? Each member can only hand out two invitations. Think of the app as an exclusive club, where you can only enter if someone puts your name on the guestlist. People want an invitation to Clubhouse so bad that there are all kinds of advertisements on online marketplaces, where people offer to pay for an invitation! How insane is that?!



4. Live audio conversations

Clubhouse is an app that is all about live audio. This distinguishes it from other social media channels. We can understand that Clubhouse is a hype, because having social conversations in real life is no longer a matter of cause.



5. There’s room for everyone

Clubhouse consists of several rooms, where different topics of conversation are being discussed. Do you want to know everything about social media, or about LinkedIn? There is a room for everyone! You can join a conversation that interests you, but you can also create a room by yourself, where you can talk with friends or strangers. Clubhouse thus offers the perfect opportunity to meet new people in a coronaproof way! What are you waiting for?



6. Hang in there Android users…

Did you know that Clubhouse is iOS only? Lucky bastards! Unfortunately Android users can’t participate in this app. But don’t worry! The developers have announced that an Android version of the app is coming, but has yet to be made. Trust us Android users, it’s worth the wait!