5 Words to Live By in 2020

January, 7th 2020

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We don’t think that New Year’s resolutions work. Not only do we break our promises to ourselves about food and exercise, but, more importantly, we are complex and dynamic individuals. We change. We evolve. What holds true for us at the beginning of the year should almost certainly change by the end. That’s why we recommend words to live by in 2020 instead.

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The way we see it life is challenging, beautiful, messy, and unpredictable, and this is what we explore with our guests everyday. By choosing guiding words to live by and to remember when navigating life’s ups and downs in the coming year, we can spend less time worrying about falling down or breaking promises. We can live knowing that we’re doing our best.


1. Laugh

This is a big one. At Youseum we’ve thought long and hard about the impact of social media in our lives, and it’s complicated. That’s why it’s important now more than ever to be able to laugh with ourselves and the world around is. That’s what makes us the freshest interactive museum in Amsterdam. Life is to short to go without a little fun 😉

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2. Challenge

That said, through the complexity of the feelings, experiences, and images surrounding life online and offline in 2020, it’s important that we all continue to challenge our preconceived notions about the world around us. Let’s look closer and think bigger through our work, art, and relationships.

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3. Invent

Humanity’s progress through time is largely a result of our ability to invent and reinvent… ourselves and the world around us. If we think of ourselves as key players in this process, any one person’s world could become interactive with the ones around them. Interactive museums in Amsterdam like Youseum are the kinds of places where inventors can come together.

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4. Create

Creation comes in all shapes and sizes: art, friendship, connections, innovation, life, energy. Our goal for the year is to remain open to the possibility for creation in the unexpected moments. During passing encounters, cloudy days, and with the people we didn’t realise we missed.

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5. Celebrate

In order to give gifts, we have to be able to receive them. In order to celebrate with others, we shouldn’t forget to celebrate ourselves. At the end of the day, that’s what Youseum is all about. And it’s what sets us apart from other interactive museums in Amsterdam. So come by today, tomorrow, or any day this year… and celebrate with us 💙

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Hey YOU! You do NOT need a COVID-19 test/vaccine pass to enter our locations (as we are following the Dutch regulations for museums)

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