5 Instagrammable Food spots in Amsterdam!

August, 18th 2020

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There are many tasty food places to explore in Amsterdam, but the following 5 can be particularly interesting for our Youseum Community! They come in especially handy in this heatwave, because no one feels like cooking in 30 degrees right? These hotspots do not only offer excellent food but are also aesthetically pleasing (just how we like it), Youseum listed the best for you!


1.Vegan Junk Food Bar

This is probably one of the best-known places, but we can not miss it on our list. Vegan Junk Food Bar offers classic food, but then way more awesome. A pink Burger? No problem! Unicorn bread? Sure! This restaurant is not only a must see for Vegans, but everyone who wants to have a unique diner experience in a new way, and a Instagram story that leaves their friends jealous.

restaurants in amsterdam

© Vegan Junk Food Bar

2.Cereal & Chill

This one is for all of our 90’s kids! If you are looking for a fun place in Amsterdam to enjoy some Old-school Vibe, you cannot miss Cereal & Chill. This place does not only offer a gaming station that takes you right back to your childhood but offers also a cereal bar with several kinds of cereal to mix. Alternatively, you can also order some fancy waffles or milkshakes, that taste fantastic as well.

© Cereal & Chill

3. Blond Amsterdam

Pink, pink, pink. What you could mistake for a room in an Instagram Museum, is one of our favorite food spots. If you want to enjoy tasty cakes and a good cup of coffee in a special environment, make sure to swing by BLOND Amsterdam. Truly, you can’t resist taking one or many Instagram shots.

© Blond Amsterdam

4. Coffee and Coconuts

This coffee shop used to be an old Cinema, which you can clearly see in the inside of C&C. Unique food options are served in a pleasant way. C&C is a must-do in Amsterdam, if you want to enjoy a nice lunch or when you’re looking for a chill workspace.

restaurants in amsterdam

© Coffee and Coconuts

5. The Avocado Show

Talking about pleasant served food, the Avocado Show definitely knows how to do that. We bet you will never encounter an avocado-based meal that fancy. Your followers probably will bombard you with questions, wanting to know where they can enjoy this as well! But, as the other places, the tasty factor is as high as the Instagram one.

© The Avocado Show

With your belly –  and your film roll – filled, why not up your Insta game even further? We think about “shots” in a different way and take them seriously. Swing by and see for yourself. We can’t wait to see you!

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