2020 Christmas Movie Recommendations for Netflix

November, 10th 2020

While some people still think it is too early for the Christmas spirit, others can’t wait to get into the Christmas mood. Here at Youseum we definitely belong to the second group! To get the Christmas spirit going, we’ve listed our favourite Christmas movies for you. The all time classics and some new Netflix releases. So get your warm chocolate and turn on Netflix and get ready for some fun!


1. Holidate

Are you the one in your family that everyone’s always trying to hook up? Always answering that same question: ‘how is it possible that you don’t have a girl/boyfriend?’ The main character in this movie – played by Emma Roberts –  can totally relate to that. When she meets Jackson, the two agree on a deal to pretend to be each others plus one during the holidays. Will mixed feelings ruin the plan? Find out for yourself!

Netflix Christmas movies

2. The Knight Before Christmas

Let’s keep it romantic and talk about one of Netflix’s last year’s Christmas movies! The Knight before Christmas is about Brooke, who hopes to find her true love, especially during Christmas time. Strangely, she hits a guy with her car, who is a time traveller from the 14th century. The knight is clearly confused by the new world, but Brooke, who just thinks he has amnesia, helps him to fit into the 21st century. But what happens when he has to go back to his own time? We know this movie sounds a bit crazy, but we watched it and loved every minute…

Netflix Christmas movies

3. Just Another Christmas

Here’s one to look forward to: Just another Christmas will be released on the 3rd of December.  After an accident last Christmas, Jorge wakes up every morning and experiences Christmas over and over again. Stuck in this loop, Jorge has no other choice but to accept it and to learn valuable lessons about his family and life in general.

Netflix Christmas movies

4. The Grinch

Do you miss being a child during the Christmas season? Maybe the Grinch will evoke some nostalgia feelings and you can feel like a kid again, remembering the first time you ever watched that movie. Netflix put the movie on the agenda this year and we couldn’t be happier. Watch Mr. Grinch being a grumpy Christmas-hater one more time! 💙

Netflix Christmas movies

5. Let It Snow

Based on a novel from John Green, these young teenagers get stuck together due to a snowstorm that hits their little village on Christmas eve. All of them have their own story and with some void to fill, or a vulnerability to be addressed. For us, it mustered up so much festive cheer. So if you’re looking for the Christmas mood, snuggle up on the couch and press play!

Netflix Christmas movies

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