10 things you MUST visit in Westfield Mall of the Netherlands

May, 12th 2021


Recently, one of The Netherlands’ largest shopping centres was opened; Westfield Mall of the Netherlands in Leidschendam. This shopping valhalla has everything (but really everything): shops, restaurants and even a cinema! Are you planning to visit this breathtaking shopping paradise, but have no idea where to start? Then we have got your back with these 10 must-see spots in Westfield Mall!

1. Urban Outfitters

In terms of fashion, Urban Outfitters is a must see in Westfield Mall! Here you will find the coolest street wear. With both a women’s and men’s department, this store has something for everyone. You can also buy vintage clothing here, which at Youseum we are a big fan of! Come visit Urban Outfitters and bring home the most beautiful outfits!


2. De Pindakaaswinkel

Are you a real peanut butter lover? Then this shop is the place to be for you! In addition to delicious flavors such as coconut or caramel seasalt, this peanut butter also contains no added sugars, no palm oil and less salt. Step out of your comfort zone and enjoy all the unique flavors that the Pindakaaswinkel has to offer!


3. Studio Pets

Do you have a great love for animals, photography and fashion? Studio Pets offers all that in one shop. Here you will find the best cuddly toys, bags and much more! And all that with the cutest Studio Pets on it! The puppies and kittens in front of the camera are all irresistible. Made of the highest quality plush material, you really get your money’s worth here. Nice to give as a present or to keep for yourself – Studio Pets offers something for everyone!


4. Waffle Island

Are you ready for a break after all that walking around Westfield Mall? Are you looking for the perfect snack to recover from all the impressions? Take a peek at Waffle Island! Here you will find the most insta-licious (bubble) waffles, milkshakes and cheesecakes. A real heaven on earth for all those with a sweet tooth.



Do those delicious gummy bears from HARIBO also bring out the most nostalgic feelings in you? What if we tell you that a HARIBO store has opened in Westfield Mall?! Imagine yourself in a real candy heaven! Besides gummy bears, HARIBO offers plenty of other colorful candies. One thing is certain: after visiting HARIBO you are guaranteed to leave with a smile. Come and experience this moment of happiness by taking a look in the happy world of HARIBO!


6. Youseum

The perfect Instagram photos should not be missed after a day at Westfield Mall! We are therefore very proud to open our second location here very very soon. Here you can take the coolest photos for all your socials! Enjoy a tour through our new, unique rooms. Oh and don’t forget to end this tour by taking a dive into our pink ball pit!


7. Monki

Are you looking for the perfect outfit to amaze everyone with? Then be sure to visit Monki! This brand is known for the unique mix of Scandinavian and Asian street style. In addition to the beautiful clothing collection, the store itself is also beautifully decorated with rainbow colors, light drops and mirrors. In short, enough elements to give visitors a unique shopping experience!


8. Nike

Have you decided to take your sports life seriously and do you still need some good sports outfits? Then the Nike store in Westfield Mall is the perfect place for you! This store draws all the attention in Westfield Mall due to its unique storefront. Get inspired and motivated here – just do it!


9. Bath & Body Works

Flown from America, this brand brings the most exclusive fragrances to the market. At Bath & Body Works you will find shelves full of body lotions, scented candles and hand soap. Our personal favorite is the extensive range of hand gels. These have no standard alcohol scent, but surprising scents such as cucumber melon and peach bellini.

bath&body works bag

10. Kinepolis

What’s better than relaxing between all that shopping by watching a movie at the cinema? A visit to Kinepolis in Westfield Mall will certainly make your day complete! Do you like the funniest comedies, or are you more a fan of gruesome horror films? Choose which movie you want to see, grab a popcorn and coke and enjoy the coolest movies at Kinepolis!