10 Feel-Good Classics to Binge on Netflix Now

April, 15th 2020

10 Feel-Good Classics to Binge on Netflix Now

The team at our instagram museum in Amsterdam have gone the distance to ensure that no corner of the vast Netflix catalogue goes unexplored during these times of need. This week our team recommend the best feel-good and nostalgia-filled flicks for your viewing pleasure!

1. Ghostbusters

A recent remake with some of the funniest people in comedy has kept the Ghostbusters franchise alive and well in the public consciousness. But it’s always high time to return to the original!


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2. Sixteen candles

This was an instant classic of the teenage comedy genre, and one of the late, great John Hughes’ best. 


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3. Jumanji

One of Robin Williams’ silliest turns, this adventure movie about a magical board game and a brother and sister tasked with solving a mystery is a hit for all ages. 


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4. Clueless

This is a classic of the coming-of-age teen comedy variety. One of the tour-guides at our Instagram museum in Amsterdam claims this one as an all-time favourite!


5. Babe

This one was an unexpected classic about a pig and his farm-animal friends, voiced by an all-star cast. Love!


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6. Jurassic Park

This Spielberg classic is a cross-generational favourite, and its spirit has been kept alive through multiple sequels. 


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7. Spirited Away

One of Studio Ghibli’s most beloved masterpieces, this Japanese work of art is unlike any fantasy adventure you’ve ever seen.


© Studio Ghibli

8. Matilda

Another magical, mischievous, and heartwarming hit, Matilda is loved by millions and has been adapted into a sell-out stage musical of the same name. One of the rooms in our Instagram museum in Amsterdam reminds us of a famous scene in this movie… can you tell which one?


© Jersey Films

9. Shrek 2

Ideally the original would have made the list, but it’s not on Netflix at the moment. Our team was divided though, because half of us love this sequel more! Jennifer Saunders as the Fairy Godmother is truly unforgettable. 


© DreamWorks Animation

10. The Karate Kid

Another feel-good coming-of-age classic of the 1980s, this one’s got laughs, life lessons, and romance, too. 


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Grab your housemate, your nearest family member, or a bowl full of popcorn, and tick some of these gems off your own list. From the team at our Instagram museum to you: hang in there, you’re doing great 💙